AdWords Secrets Guide 2010 edition

How to turn every Google AdWords campaign (and I mean EACH and EVERY campaign)
into a success (and make loads of money!)

Do you have the feeling that you are spending too much money
on Google AdWords and not getting enough out of it?
Do you feel “there must be a better way to advertise with Google AdWords”?
Do you feel so frustrated when you see your AdWords campaigns degenerate while the price per click skyrockets?

If so, AdWords Secrets Guide is the book for you.
The comprehensive, detailed and practical guide-book for efficient advertising with Google AdWords.

AdWords secrets Guide


Once you learn the secret, advertising with Google AdWords becomes as easy as 1-2-3.

AdWords Secrets Guide will make advertising with Google AdWords - simple, easy, and most of all, understandable.

AdWords Secrets Guide will help you increase the number of your advertisements with less cost and enable you to advertise much more and pay much less, starting today.

Your Quality Score will rise higher and higher while your price per click will nosedive.

AdWords Secrets Guide - #1 Rated AdWords Guide eBook

The 2010 edition of AdWords Secrets Guide reveals the great secret of Google AdWords - and YOU can start making a profit.

AdWords Secrets Guide - As Seen on TVUnveil secrets you may not know yet but savvy web advertisers use daily for making a profit at your expense! See how they make money out of web advertising while others just despair and give up.

Learn how to overtake all your competitors, advertise much more and pay much less. Discover how to acquire effective and profitable advertising which may cost you as little as a few cents, earning you more money than imagined.

AdWords Secrets Guide is a practical guide-book speaking to you in simple language, taking you through step by step to make advertisements with Google AdWords.

The 2010 edition of AdWords Secrets Guide gives you absolute control over the new Google AdWords user-interface.


AdWords Secrets Guide - Beat Google AdWords


But don’t take my word for it.
Here is what readers of AdWords Secrets Guide say:

AdWords Testimonial“I consider myself a veteran advertiser with Google AdWords and it wasn’t until I read the book that I realized how much I do not know about AdWords.
Within days my ROI leaped from 24% to 186% and all thanks to your book. Thank you so much...”

-- Josh Stern

AdWords Secret Guide testimonial“This is basically a machine for printing cash! All of a sudden I realized what to do...
All my keywords got a 10/10 Quality Score (all of them!) and my bids plummeted from $1.29 to $0.06.
It is simply amazing. I never thought reading an ebook would cause such a tremendous change in my life. I am truly excited.
Thank you…”

-- Jonathan Ridder

AdWords Secrets - AdWords Guide“Your ebook is a must for every Internet-advertiser. After reading it (all in one night) I improved the results of my campaign by effortless 540%, just by following the directives in the book. It is so easy…”

-- Ron Hassin

AdWords guide testimonial“After reading your book I suddenly realized that there are suckers on Google AdWords, spending a lot of money on advertising and making a meager few pennies - and there are smart ones who know the secrets and make a great deal of money on the expense of these suckers. Your book helped me (finally) go from the first group to the other…”

-- Dana Chaan

Adwords secrets Guide“Before I bought AdWords Secrets Guide I had doubts. I wasn’t sure I could afford it.

Now, I know I couldn’t afford not buying it.

It literally saves me thousands of dollars a month. So simple…”

-- Victor (“Doc”) Blaze

AdWords Secrets Guide is also structured as a practical multi-level guide-book. It is suitable for every AdWords advertiser at any level: for novice advertisers who have never advertised with Google AdWords and especially for veteran and experienced advertisers, including affiliate marketers and on-line advertising agencies.

Read AdWords Secrets Guide and find invaluable information:

  • How to begin? How to define an AdWords campaign correctly?
  • Competitive analysis – how do we spy on our competition and what can we learn from it?
  • How do we conduct a correct word analysis and find the truly profitable words?
  • What are the four types of matching that will amazingly reduce the costs of our campaign?
  • How to use “negative words” in a smart way?
  • How do we prevent false clicks and “garbage clicks”?
  • What is the “Google slap” and how do we fight back?
  • How to write an ad that actually sells?
  • How to write an ad with more than the 95 characters Google allocates to us?
  • How to create an appealing headline to our ad?
  • What must we write in the title? And in the text?
  • Why shouldn't we use dynamic Dynamic keywords Insertion {DKI} ?
  • The various “bidding” strategies and how to choose the one most suitable for us.
  • What is the exact price we should propose per click and how do we calculate it?
  • How do we Dominate a marketing niche and how do we maintain this Domination over time?
  • What is the secret of Google’s philosophy and how to harness it to our benefit?
  • How is our Quality Score and how to boost it upwards?
  • What are CPR ,CPM ,QS ,CPC and all the rest?
  • What is the “secret of the holy trinity” which is worth so much money?
  • How will our landing pages lower our advertising price?
  • Optimization techniques for our campaigns.
  • How to easily get Quality Score of 10/10?
  • The content network – the forsaken but successful part of AdWords.
  • Surfer characterization in the search and content networks and how it can be used to our benefit.
  • Building a campaign designated for the content network.
  • Writing ads adapted for the content network.
  • What can we do to make more customers buy faster on our site?
  • For the veteran advertisers: Advanced techniques of AdWords advertisement.
  • Instantaneous creation of thousands of ads and landing pages... a tremendous savings in time and money.
  • What should we absolutely never do in AdWords?
  • And so much more...

AdWords Secrets Guide will become your secret best friend.

No more “theoretical” AdWords books full of chewed-out mumbo-jumbo splattered over dozens of pages.

AdWords Secrets Guide is a practical and applicative PDF guide-book which will teach you step by step, with clear and simple directions, how to turn every AdWords campaign into a successful and profitable one. 200 pages of relevant, clear and up to date information. Every tip and method you can find in AdWords Secrets Guide will improve the way your campaign goes, immediately starting today.

AdWords Secrets Guide gives you 100% confidence!

Working with AdWords Secrets Guide will give you 100% confidence that you are doing the right thing at any stage. You will know how to tackle every problem and be confident that every move you make will improve your campaign without hurting either your Quality Score or your account’s history.

Don’t hesitate! Download AdWords Secrets Guide now!

Get hold of the valuable information found in AdWords Secrets PDF Guide before your competitors do and begin controlling your advertising niche.


Yes, I wish to download AdWords Secrets Guide now,
and start making more profit from each of my AdWords campaigns.


Awards Winning Product:
AdWords Secrets Guide - Beat Google AdWords

Frequently asked questions:

AdWords guide question Who is the guide intended for?

This PDF ebook is intended for any AdWords advertiser, whether novice or veteran. Its methods, tips and tricks will help you turn any campaign into a profitable and efficient campaign. This is the way to considerably reduce the price you pay per click.

AdWords guide questionI have no time to read manuals.

You might be surprised, because this manual will save you time. The methods in this book will work wonders for your campaigns and yield immediate results, which under other circumstances would take many months (and a whole lot of money) to reach! Reading the whole guide takes just a few hours (but I can guarantee that you will refer to it again and again.)

AdWords guide questionI have already read all the tips in every forum and blog and they did not help me.

This is because all the “tips” and “methods” roaming around the web are inefficient and useless methods. This is precisely why the experienced advertisers “reveal” them to you. You won’t find the real secrets of AdWords Secrets Guide in forums and blogs. The tips and tricks found in AdWords Secrets Guide are updated according to the current Google algorithm and were tried on hundreds and thousands of campaigns.

AdWords guide questionI can’t afford to invest into this ebook.

On the contrary, you cannot afford to advertise with Google, without a real guide to lead you to success. Think: Within one week of advertisement with Google AdWords you can save much more than the price of the ebook. This guide will return its cost within a few days.

AdWords guide questionIt sounds too good to be true. Are you really sure it will work in my case?

Of course it will. And I am not the only one saying so. Read the testimonials on this page (and believe me, they are merely a fraction of the dozens of testimonials given by satisfied customers). In any case, you have nothing to lose. If you are not satisfied with the book, you will get a refund and no questions will be asked!



Complete Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

100% Guaranty I am so confident that this ebook will work wonders for your campaigns that you won’t let it go. It will be by your computer and you will return to read it again and again.

And I am so confident that I can guarantee that if for any reason (and I mean any reason) you will not be happy with it, I will simply return you all your money, without asking a single question – as simple as that.

You have 30 days to decide whether you wish to hold on to the ebook, or return it and get all your money back immediately. So you have nothing to lose. You will only gain.. big time.


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AdWords Secrets Guide - Beat Google AdWords

To Your Success,

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AdWords Secrets Guide is the only guide on the web that promises so much and actually lives up to it. So don’t let your competitors get it! Do not let your competitors take over the profitable keywords while you hesitate with your doubts.

Download AdWords Secrets Guide now and stop spending all that excess money in Google AdWords. Profit can begin today!

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